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about face.

i know you're all sick of reading their shit, but it's just too funny for me.


march 31, 2004 10:18 pm
This is why I know I will not ever let bad role models into the lives of my babies. Especially negative people.

april 1, 2004 11:57 am
I just wanted to call her a stupid little troll and punch her in the face.


so it looks to me that if jess wants to keep those negative people out of her babies lives, she'll abandon them as soon as humanly possible.


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Apr. 1st, 2004 11:27 am (UTC)
whats the problem with u and jessi?

and seriously, 90% of your posts are about her and how she needs to grow up and blah blah blah. but really, your like 20 something and your posting about how much you hate somebody on livejournal... plus jessi is a good mom. shes with ayden like 24/7 exept when she has class.. i mean yeah, shes like 19 and has some growing up to do. no one is totally mature at 19 i mean come on.. but shes doing a great job.. her and ben have a really nice house, and an awesome kid, and their doing fine.. so whats the problem?
Apr. 1st, 2004 12:33 pm (UTC)
so you say
find me the sentence that says i hate jess.

my problem with jess is that she wants to wake up in the morning and call me a "fucking donkey slut" and other such immature things.

you know i'm really sorry that these people were a part of my life for the last few years. but i'm not sorry at all that i reflect on those relationship here in my journal. i won't apoologize for trying to learn something about people or relationships by writing about it here.

and i can't help it that jess keeps saying such hilarious fucking shit on her journal or on icq.

it's not like i started my post of with "look what the ugly fucking donkey slut wrote on her journal today. she's a horrible mother and i think she should die." i just said that the combination of those two posts made me laugh.

i'm not trying to get people to jump on the bandwagon and hate her (especially since i don't even hate her), i just documented those lines so i could look back and laugh about them everytime she starts shit with me. so i can remember, "oh yeah, jess doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about ever, so i shouldn't give a shit about what she has to say to me."
Apr. 1st, 2004 12:43 pm (UTC)
I'm not trying to be dr. phil or sumthing but what started this whole deal? and if you don't give a shit about her and what she says, then why do you keep posting about her? obviously it seems to bother you....
Apr. 1st, 2004 12:55 pm (UTC)
...because she is an endless source of entertainment for me.

if what jess said bothered me i'd be writing "oh jess called me a slut today and she's so right. she told me to stab myself with pencils and i think maybe i should because jess wants to hit little girls and she'd probably hit me too."

it bothers me that there are pathetic fucked up people that exist that actually tell people to go kill themselves. people who have kids and are "good moms" but thinking calling people names and threatening them is the right thing to do.

so what i meant was what jess says about me does't bother me personally. i don't care what she thinks of me. it bothers me in the broad human sense of community and society.
Apr. 1st, 2004 01:23 pm (UTC)
Main Entry: jour·nal
Pronunciation: 'j&r-n&l
Function: noun
a : a record of current transactions; especially : a book of original entry in double-entry bookkeeping b : an account of day-to-day events c : a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use d : a record of transactions kept by a deliberative or legislative body e : LOG 3,

maybe this will help answer ricky's questions as to why you post...
Apr. 1st, 2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
i highly fucking doubt it
but thanks.

some people are so obtuse; they can't see the hypocracy in this situation.

and they still can't seem to understand that, so long as i read or hear things people say about me, i'm going to think about them and write about them.

i've never tried to stop any of those girls from writing about me. and why should i? if i did, i'd have no idea what they thought about me.

(and i'd have far fewer things to laugh about everyday too.)
Apr. 1st, 2004 03:03 pm (UTC)
exactly what i was thinking

i dont write in my journal for other people to read, i write because its a way to get things off my chest. i write so that in 20 years i can go back and get a better experience of things i go through in my life now. if people want to read what i have to say, then fine. thats their business. but in no way should they criticize what i put in there. i respect everyone elses journal, and thats what i expect in return. they have no right to tell me what i can and cannot think/write/say.

suggestion: consider not allowing comments on some entries. it makes that entry so much more relevant now, and possibly later in life. my opinion and just a suggestion.
Apr. 1st, 2004 03:58 pm (UTC)
haha and I like reading what you have to say dorsey, word!
Apr. 1st, 2004 06:20 pm (UTC)
if what they said here bothered me at all, i would disallow comments. but i actually having an accurate record of other people's reactions to what i write too.
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