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damn the man [melo]

had a job interview at ups today. i showed up at 2.45 for my 3 o'clock appointment. but i didn't get in until 4. that was pretty annoying. especially since they told me to plan on being there for only an hour - and that was supposed to be for the actual interview.

the interview itself only took ten minutes and consisted of some human resources guy telling me how wonderful i was for filling out my application completely and that he knew everything about me from my handwriting.

all in all i think it went well, but i'm not too excited about it. i could make $9.50 an hour, which is pretty hot, but i'll only be working 25 hours a week at most. take out taxes and union dues (grrr!) and i'll only be bringing home $100 a week on average. that blows! i want to be a telemarketer again.

so, as of right now, that's my only job prospect. i applied at steak and shake yesterday, but they were supposed to call me today and they didn't. that's ok with me. i'd be a horrible waitress.

customer: "this isn't what i ordered."
me: "fuck off."

i don't think i'd bring home many tips with an attitude like that.

i need a goddamn job, though. it's going to cost something like 20 grand for school next year. ouch. why on earth did i decide to go out of state?

on that note, i should probably get off the interweb and call back some possible employers. wish me luck.

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