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still bored....

as it turns out, my iPWiB page looks like total ass in netscape. oh well. i don't really care. i was going to update that page, but i cannot. i don't remember how to ftp without a client, and i can't download one here at the library.

one time i wrote this really great rant about why i hate this library. i should post that again. perhaps, i might even have a few additions as an added bonus.

goddamn i'm bored.

i'm thinking about drinking that beer in my car. but i don't really have a place to go do that. besides, i really don't like beer at all. sheesh, you know i must be bored out of my skull if drinking beer sounds like a good plan to me.

i'm going to get my party! party! on tonight - if i ever make it to bloomington. that should be good fun. actually, i had considered going straightedge for a while (only temporarily, of course) but i didn't really see the fun in that. yeah, so, puking in the sink and blacking out aren't all that fun either, but given the choice (and i am) i'd have to choose booze.

choose booze. that would make a nice campaign slogan, don't you think?

oh hey! i can get little caesar's this weekend - woot! woot! i feel much better now.

ok. i lied.

i don't feel better at all.
Tags: alcohol, bloomington, ipwib, madison

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