sWell (shakewell) wrote,

melodramatic dreams [melo]

since this was a dream, and i never remember dreams, i'm just trying to get this all typed out in a hurry. i apologize for bad spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.

so i'm cruising around some annonymous city with my friend katie from high school sitting shotgun. we don't seem to be doing anything really, just driving around aimlessly. then katie says, "let's go home."

so i pull my car up to the curb in front of this old, old apartment building that looks like it came straight out of the slums of new york or something. on the sidewalk, there are piles and piles of folded up hippie curtains. (basically sheets that have pretty colors and patterns all over them.)

i look into a window on the first floor and see this really fabulous looking guy with a 'fro. i call to him and ask, "sara didn't pay the rent, did she?" he nods sullenly. "i guess this means we're evicted."

katie and i walk up the steps to the door and see that the boy is siiting in a nearly empty room, all alone. a rack of clothes in the closet is all that's left.

pointing to the piles on the sidewalk the boy says, "sara asked me to watch her stuff since they took the doors down. she's taking the rest home now."

"i'm going to grab some bags from the car for my stuff," i tell him. but then i grab an armload of the clothes and tell the boy, "but, i know just what to do with these."

i throw the clothes in the hatch, planning to steal them, and the sit in the back seat to get some bags and backpacks. then katie hops in the front passenger seat and starts driving my car. she said she was trying to park it closer, but then i told her, "you can't drive from that seat." so she stopped driving.

as i'm loading up the last of the clothes, sara comes into the building with a bike and says, "can you believe it only took fourteen minutes to ride here? i can't imagine how long that would take in a car!" there's a group of three rowdy boys following her.

she didn't seem to notice or mind that i was taking her clothes. but one of the boys came in and grabbed a stack of cds that were hanging across the bottom wire of a hanger left in the closet.

"i've got sara's panties!" he yelled and repeated as he danced around the room carrying the cds above his head. "i've got sara's panties..."

sara was screaming, "girls don't wear cds for panties!!" but she was on the verge of tears for some reason.

and the boy stopped in his tracks, turned to face sara and said, "but porn stars do!"


most people would tell me that dream was weird because i didn't make any sense at all, but none of my dreams ever do. so it's actually quite normal.

what i think was weird about it, was that it was about sara - as in melo's sara. a girl i don't know, have never met and have never even seen.

i guess i'm pretty fucking weird sometimes.

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