sWell (shakewell) wrote,

anticipation [melo]

i leave for college in 5 weeks. i'm getting excited. nervous too. but mostly excited. i'm 20 years old. it's time i got out and fucking did something with my life.

but i know it's going to be hard. i don't make new friends easily. i have problems staying focussed in classes. i'm going to be working and going to school and thats going to be some major stress for me. i haven't had any serious commitments in my life (besides my boyfriend) for more than a year now.

i just have to be aware of how i'm feeling. and catch myself before i fall into another depression. i'm not sure i'd come out of it unscathed if i was living in a new place, with no friends and trying to keep up with school and work.

i have enough scars for one lifetime.
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