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surprise! surprise!

madtown still sucks.

ok. i guess that's not really a surprise - it's more like a law of nature. but because i'm incredibly bored, pissed off and temporarily stranded here, i thought i'd take a little time out to remind you all why i hate this town (and the stupid high school) so very much.

one - the women in the front office of mchs get paid to be nice and greet people, but they think they get paid to sit on their asses and ignore people. also, they believe that when they lower themselves enough to offer their assistance to a visitor, they should be lavishly praised and thanked.

two - the teachers at that school think it's really cool to never be in their classrooms. especially when there is a great need for them to be there.

three - the goddamn yearbook was two years in the making.

four - those assholes want me to have a receipt for the yearbook i purchased 25 months ago.

five - after i left a note specifically asking mrs. eberts not to leave before i had seen her, that stupid cunt locked up her classroom and left.

six - those fucking pricks deleted me from the senior section of the yearbook.

seven - they expect me to just magically know that the yearbooks are in and that there are specific hours in which i can retrieve my copy - provided that i have my receipt.

eight - the library wants me to pay them money to use their free computers because i don't live here anymore.

nine - all the cool kids moved out of this town last year.

ten - this town is so goddamn historic it makes me want to vomit.

eleven - the stupid banks won't cash my goddamn check.

twelve - gas is even more expensive here than it is in carmel - and it's an ass-raping there!

thirteen - creepy old people abound in this town and flock to the places where i go (the library, wal-mart, the riverfront).

fourteen - they want me to pay fifty cents for a paper i could write better alone in the dark with only toilet paper, a fish and some ink to write with.

fifteen - did i mention the creepy old people? becuase there's this asshole sitting next to me right now who feels the need to read everything i write on here. i'd like to punch him in the teeth, i would...

sixteen - it's so boring here. boring, boring, boring.
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