sWell (shakewell) wrote,

it's been a long time [melo]

well, i thought i'd gotten back into the grove of updating my melo on a regular basis, but i guess i was mistaken. i've been working a lot on my other webpage instead. i'm trying to finish it like i promised to do four months ago. i've also been doing a lot of real life work.

regardless of our romantic involvement (or lack there of), joe and i decided to get an apartment together anyway. now, instead of sleeping on my fabulous bed, he's just going to sleep in the living room. and that's fine with me! i just really wanted this apartment. it's super cool and close to campus. and it's just about the only thing i've been excited about in recent memory.

i'm sure my parents and friends will think it's a bad idea, but i don't really care. i'll be 21 this summer and there's just no way i'm still going to be living at home. it's not just an age thing either, i just really can't handle my mom for much longer.

besides, this way i can keep an eye on joe. and who knows, maybe he'll realize what a good thing he gave up. ha, i'm so conceited! but it's the truth. if it weren't for me, joe would be moving around from house to house this summer until all of his soon to be ex-roommates got sick of him. and, now that we're going to live close to campus, he'll be able to go to summer school like he had planned.

i'm such a wonderful person. of course, i have my own selfish motives for this as well. so i guess that makes me a little less wonderful. oh well. =)

i've been making so big bank at the dial lately. $15 bucks an hour last week. i don't know how i'm going to make the transition back to $8 an hour here at home. but i guess i don't have to worry about that until i actually put forth some effort into this job hunt.

i wanted to work at UPS, but they're dicking me over just like they did last summer. the jerks! i sure could use that tuition assistance though. maybe i'll go hassle them some more next week.

well, this has turned into a pretty boring entry. i'll try again later with something more exciting. i'm off to enjoy what looks like some beautiful weather outside!


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