sWell (shakewell) wrote,

it's good that i can laugh about this now [melo]

joe (my ex-boyfriend and current roommate) accosted me on campus today. he was upset because i had a boy stay over a few days ago. that boy happened to be one of his friends from high school, but i don't know if that bothered him.

when we moved into this apt over the summer we agreed not to bring significant others over. it was even my idea.

but joe also said he loved me. he said he was going to ask me out again. he even said he never cheated on me.

so, after putting up with all of his bullshit for so long, i just decided it wasn't fair. why should i have to go out of my way to make his life easier? did he do that for me? nope. i really can't even dig up a reason to be civil to him.

ah... but, when he talked to me on campus, it was just too funny. he wasn't yelling, but he was speaking very loudly as we walked between buildings. and he told me i should "get the fuck out." he told me not to bring any more boys over - because it just isn't fair to him.

he doesn't even know unfair....

but the best part was when he was walking away from me. he just kept repeating that i was making "some very poor decisions."

i swear i nearly pissed my pants i was laughing so hard.

joe (who is doing SO poorly in school, is behind on his bills, who doesn't have a job, who looks at porn all day, who spends money on pot instead of food) is lecturing me about poor decisions?

walking away from him was the best decision i ever made.

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