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more weird dreams last night

back in color guard and we're rehearsing in the jr. high commons. apparently it's the last day of swim season and i'm horrified that this is the day they've decided to hire a diving coach. the whole damn swim team is diving. i ditch guard and beg the swim coaches to let me dive because "i've never, ever, ever had a diving coach."

so while everyone is diving the coaches are throwing rubber baseballs at us. i have no idea why. they all sink to the bottom. then all the swimmers go back to swimming and i'm the only diver left. the swim coach asks me to do a pH test near the drain and also to pick up all the baseballs. now that i'm diving alone, i can't do anything right. nine times out of ten i balk at the end of the board. one time a swimmer pops up beneath the board with a bunch of baseballs and i fall on the lane line.

the whole time i can see the guard rehearsing in the commons. they have these big white circles in stead of flags or weapons. allison is there. polina too. i don't know who else. XXX

larry and i are walking in some residential neighborhood that's a mix between downtown madison and kirkwood square in bloomington. we're looking for thur's new house but i think we're actually trying to avoid it. it's a four-story, pink house with two front doors. we find a house fitting that description, but there's an identical house across the street. we start walking faster, so we don't see thur in either house!

then josh wooten drives up and parks at the curb next to us. "you guys just missed thur's house," he says. "come on, let's go say hi."

thur answers the door and his girlfriend (lame kat) is not far behind. there's only like 3 pieces of furniture on the whole first floor. from somewhere that "our house" song is repeating. (our house is a very, very, very fine house... our house is a very, very, very fine house...)

thur explains something about how he can't afford the house at all but it was the only house available in town. he's still working in indy. i dunno... none of it really made any sense.

in the time we're there lame kat's stomach goes from normal to totally prego! then, after we leave, we hear a wet smack on the hardwood floor and then a baby wailing.

strange stuff.
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