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more dreams, less remembered

( moulin rouge )

basically, just me and probably some people i know dancing in those frilly skirts and fishnet pantyhose to the tune of lady marmalade. there was probably more to it, but it's gone now...

( orientation )

i dreamed that i woke up three minutes before my scheduled orientation at fedex. so, i was trying to call them on my cell phone and let them know i was running late. at first i was all sleepy and couldn't press the right buttons. then i was pressing the right buttons but the wrong numbers showed up on the screen.

i find it interesting that i actually knew the right number to call in my dream.

anyway i woke up right after the dream and there was something weird about it. like i felt like i were screaming or suffocating or something. i hate that feeling.

this was by far the most bizarre dream.

it took place at good ol' mchs. i was at my locker before class and when the warning tone rang (did we even have warning tones?) i left my locker ajar and sneaked down the stairwell toward e-wing. as i went down the second tier of stairs, i jammed my foot on a step and apparently i was wearing combat boots. kizzie little was there and she was laughing at me.

anyway, at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway between a-wing and the library, there was a fucking pool sunk into the floor. it was sort of an 8 shape with two little islands in it. in this pool are two whales--one blue and one purple. these whales looked just like something you'd see on a toddler's summer shorts or something, real cute.

so there's all these people gathered around the edge of the pool and there's a scuba diver hanging on to one of the islands. someone leans over to me and says "she had her baby today, but they can't find it. it has to come up for air. whoever spots it first gets a reward."

some other shit probably happens, but then somehow i end up in the water. i see this white streak underneath the water. there's a chase. while i'm swimming i notice there are snake-sized sperm swimming everywhere. *ick* eventually, i catch this stupid baby, and you know what it is?

it's a tiny, white unicorn with rainbow mane and tail.

a goddamn my little fucking pony.

so i probably got the reward, but i didn't care because now i needed an excuse for skipping class. (apparently saving whale babies won't work.) luckily, milla jovovich was there and she used my cell phone to call the front office. she walked me to my locker where a group of girls broke out into a rendition of "hey mickey."

i forget where the box cutters and ice cream cones came into play.
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